Other Interests


Rowing, Running and Rock Climbing

I rowed for 4 years for the Brandeis Varsity Crew Team and served on the team's executive board for 3 of those years. Some of my favorite memories are from racing The Head of the Charles Regatta, including once in a double with my father.

I plan on running a half-marathon with Hannah sometime soon. I can also sometimes be found rock climbing, playing ultimate or attempting to play softball.

Other Academic Interests

History: The roots of the Industrial Revolution, ancient Greek rowing techniques and influence on culture and politics, cultural and religious interaction in pre-1492 southern Spain and the Civil War.

Experimental Economics: What is fairness? How is the perception of wealth related to basic needs? How do humans reason about bidding in auctions? What incentives lead to cooperation?


Traveling the World's Subways

I am trying to visit as many subways in the world as possible. When I came up with this plan, I didn't realize there were so many. I've made it to nine so far.