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In May 2012, I graduated from Brown University with a master's degree in Computer Science. I focused on systems, and for my master's project, implemented a low-overhead application sandbox using x86 hardware virtualization. I also got my undergraduate degree at Brown, graduating magna cum laude in 2011.

While I was at Brown, I worked as a SPOC ("Systems Programmer, Operator, and Consultant") for the CS department. I provided off-hours support for the department's computer systems, and helped the full-time technical staff with administrative requests and software projects. I was also a two-time head TA for CS31, the now-discontinued introductory systems course, for which I did significant course development.

This page is focused solely on my activities while at Brown. For more recent information, you should visit my personal website, or check out my startup, SSLMate, which lets you buy and manage SSL certificates from the command line.

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