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Stefanie Tellex Has Been Named The Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor Of Computer Science

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In a recent letter to the Brown University community, President Christina H. Paxson announced the appointment of sixteen faculty members to named chairs. Professor Stefanie Tellex of the Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) was among them: she becomes the Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor of Computer Science, alongside colleagues from the Departments of Physics, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, and others.

"I'm really honored by the recognition from the University," Stefanie says, "and I thank the Joukowsky family for their generosity. This is not just a nod to me, but to all the students and postdocs working beside me in the lab, as well as to all the wonderful support staff here at Brown. Their hard work and creativity are the reason for our success."

Stefanie has been a Brown CS faculty member since 2013, and her research aims to create robots that collaborate with people to meet their needs, so that human-robot collaboration approaches the ease of human-human collaboration. To create collaborative robots, her Humans To Robots Laboratory focuses on three key challenges: 1) perceiving the world using the robot’s sensors; 2) communicating with people to understand their needs and how to meet them; and 3) acting to change the world in ways that meet people’s needs.

She's the third named chair for Brown CS in the past two years, following Eugene Charniak (University Professor of Computer Science), Maurice Herlihy (An Wang Professor of Computer Science), Sorin Istrail (Julie Nguyen Brown Professor of Computational and Mathematical Science), Franco Preparata (An Wang Professor of Computer Science), Eli Upfal (Rush C. Hawkins Profesor of Computer Science), and Andy van Dam, (Thomas J. Watson Jr. University Professor of Technology and Education).

"We're very happy to see this recognition," says Department Chair Ugur Cetintemel. "Stefanie has been pursuing an ambitious research agenda with success and it's wonderful to see Brown acknowledging her achievements after just four years at Brown CS."

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