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Amy Greenwald Receives Sloan Research Fellowship

    Amy Greenwald, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, has received a 2006 Sloan Research Fellowship for her work with “AI agents”—artificially intelligent, programmed decision-makers. Amy’s research in simultaneous and sequential auction environments combines the theoretical and practical, and draws from and contributes to a variety of disciplines including AI, decision theory, game theory, and economics. She is a member of the Board of Trustees and a six-time finalist in the annual, international Trading Agent Competition (TAC).

    The Sloan Research Fellowships were established in 1955 to provide support and recognition to early-career scientists and scholars. Selection procedures are designed to identify those who show the most outstanding promise of making fundamental contributions to new knowledge. Sloan Research Fellows, once chosen, are free to pursue whatever lines of inquiry are of the most compelling interest to them.

    In addition to the monetary aspect of the fellowship and recognition of her distinguished performance, Amy has now increased her chances of receiving another prestigious award - thirty-two Sloan Fellows have won Nobel Prizes later in their careers.