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Hypertext and Hypermedia Symposium

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QAR (Question-Answer-aRgument)
  design rationale method, Debate Browser use; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
Quentin-Baxter, Megan
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  See Also 
     IR (information retrieval)
  based dynamic linking; [Bodner 1999a]
  based graphic construction in HITS, [Kleinberg 1998] bibliographic reference; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  browsing combined with, spiky navigation pattern resulting from; [Bodner 1999a]
  browsing integration with, in dynamic hypertext; [Bodner 1999a]
  dynamic, in WebPath; [Benford 1999]
  dynamic hypertext use, querying and linking issues; [Bodner 1999a]
  formation tools, large hypertext access need for; [Tudhope 1999]
  formulation consistency issues, [Bates 1986] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
  imprecise, transitive relationship reasoning as aid for; [Tudhope 1999]
  interoperability, SQL support of; [Carr 1999]
  link attribute, Linking Ability support; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
  as navigation tool, [Tudhope 1994] bibliographic reference; [Tudhope 1999]
  ranking, document relationships use; [Li 1999]
  ranking of, topic distillation algorithm use; [Li 1999]
  to the semantic index space, as navigation mechanism; [Tudhope 1999]
  space, organizing, WWW; [Li 1999]
  strategies in a semantic index space, [Pollitt 1997] bibliographic reference; [Tudhope 1999]
  user interface between browsing and, research issues; [Tudhope 1999]
Quibeldey-Cirkel, K.
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  See Also metaphors
  as visual metaphor
     in hypertext fiction; [Bernstein 1999]
     [Larsen 1998] bibliographic reference; [Bernstein 1999]
  See Also transclusion
  as relationship display mechanism; [Nelson 1999k]
  transclusion preservation of context for; [Nelson 1999k]