Thesis Proposal


"Using Virtual and Augmented Reality To Efficiently and Safely Collaborate With Robots"

David Whitney

Friday, April 13, 2018 at 1:00 P.M.

Room 506 (CIT - 5th Floor)

As it stands, robots are unsafe as coworkers. While humans have physically and cognitively evolved to work alongside and communicate with each other, we cannot intuit human-robot interactions. Humans cannot accurately understand a robot's state or anticipate its future actions. The modalities of human-human interaction do not translate well to human-robot interaction. The aim of the research outlined in this proposal is to improve human-robot collaboration using mixed reality interfaces. Mixed reality addresses the problem of bi-directional communication by creating new interaction channels that enable untrained humans to effectively direct, and communicate with, robots. Specifically, we plan to design and implement novel interaction methods that take advantage of existing low-cost virtual and augmented reality technology to (a) direct autonomous robot behaviors, and (b) communicate robot state and future actions to human users.

Host: Professor Stefanie Tellex