Data Science Talk


"An Insider's View of a Data Science Research Lab"

Dr. DeDe Paul, AT&T Labs

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 4:00 P.M.

Swig Boardroom, Room 241 (CIT 2nd floor)

We in the Data Science and AI Research organization in AT&T Labs are fortunate to be involved the company's Machine Learning and AI transformation ­ which greatly depends on Data Science expertise. I will provide a high level view of the methodologies and applications associated with some of our active research areas. Then I will showcase a current project to demonstrate a data science workflow and the importance of ongoing professional development in the field.

DeDe Paul directs the Statistics Research Department, part of the Data Science and AI Research organization in AT&T Labs. Her department applies advanced statistical methods to solve challenging business problems, motivated by opportunities to improve the customer experience, develop and optimally deliver innovative products and services, and contribute to the research community. Modeling consumer behavior and capitalizing on AT&T's tremendous data assets are her long time research passions; more recently she also enjoys finding new talent for the Research Lab. Prior to joining AT&T, DeDe completed her PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley, and taught college math for 2 years. During her 30+ year career at AT&T she has managed to regularly achieve her annual goal to "Find Joy!" in her work.

Sponsored by Data Science Initiative (DSI) and is part of the DSI/CCMB Joint Seminar Series

Host: Alice Paul