New Pathways For ScB And AB Concentrations

Each pathway specifies core courses as well as related courses. Core courses are courses directly relevant to the pathway, while related courses are courses that supplement the main topics in the pathway. You may do capstone projects as part of one of the core courses or in an independent study course. However, independent study courses may not be used as core courses.

Completing a pathway entails taking two courses in the pathway of which at least one is a core course for the pathway. One must also take the intermediate courses specified as part of the pathway.

The current pathways are:


Description: Studies the design, construction, and analysis of modern, multi-faceted computing systems.

Faculty: Bahar, Benson, Cetintemel, Doeppner, Fonseca, Herlihy, Kemerlis, Krishnamurthi, Reda, Zdonik

Software Principles

Description: Studies the design, construction, and analysis of modern software systems

Faculty: Fisler, Krishnamurthi, Nelson, Reiss


Description: Studies the management and use of large data collections

Faculty: Cetintemel, Littman, Potter, Upfal, Zdonik

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Description: Studies the theory and application of algorithms for making decisions and inferences from rules and data

Faculty: Charniak, Felzenszwalb, Greenwald, Konidaris, Littman, Pavlick, Ritchie, Tellex


Description: Studies the foundations of models and algorithms for computing in various contexts

Faculty: Istrail, Klein, Lysyanskaya, Savage, Tamassia, Upfal, Valiant


Description: Studies the design, construction, analysis, and defense of techniques to protect systems, data, and communications

Faculty: Kamara, Kemerlis, Krishnamurthi, Lysyanskaya, Savage, Tamassia

Visual Computing

Description: Studies the creation, interaction, and analysis of images and visual information, including animation and games

Faculty: Huang, Hughes, Laidlaw, Meier, Ritchie, Tompkin, van Dam

Computer Architecture

Description: Studies the design, construction, and analysis of computer architecture and hardware

Faculty: Bahar, Herlihy, Reda

Computational Biology

Description: Studies the foundations and applications of algorithms for analyzing biological data and processes

Faculty: Istrail, Ramachandran, Upfal


Description: Studies the design, construction, and analysis of processes at the interface between humans and systems

Faculty: Huang, Laidlaw, Tompkin

In addition, there is the alternative pathway: