Advanced Placement Credit

Brown CS does not award credit or automatic placement based on AP scores. 

Students who intend to concentrate in CS, or at least want to keep that option open, should take one of our introductory course sequences for the concentration: 0150/0160, 0170/0180, or 0190. (Concentrators who take 0190 must take an additional course, 0180 or higher, to fulfill concentration requirements.)

0190 can only be taken by placing into it. The placement process is described on the 0190 home page

Students who do not pass the 0190 placement process must take 0150 or 0170.

Students who do pass the 0190 placement process have the choice of taking any of the three course sequences.

Students who believe their preparation is so advanced that they should be able to skip the first-year sequences entirely should: (a) first take and pass the 0190 placement process, and then (b) meet with the DUSs (Tom Doeppner and Kathi Fisler), presenting a portfolio of their prior courses and work, to request placement. They must be able to demonstrate that they have covered the material normally taught in 0190. Note that it is extremely rare to get this placement; in particular, the AP CS exams fall well short of this content.

A student who is granted this placement must still take two other CS courses in the stead of a year-long introductory sequence. In general, to complete the concentration, every student is required to complete an introductory sequence (or, if it has been waived for them, a pair of courses in its stead).