Concentration Advising

When you sign up to be a concentrator in CS or its joint concentrations, you must meet with a concentration advisor. To sign up for a concentration, you should go to the Dean of the College's ASK page: There you may either ask for a particular faculty member as your advisor (taken from the tables below) or you may have one assigned to you.

Our intent is that your initial concentration advisor continues to be your advisor until you graduate. However, if for some reason the advising relationship is not working out, you may switch to someone else who agrees to become your new advisor. If your advisor is not available, for example is on leave, then the director of undergraduate studies or his designate will serve as your interim advisor.

Your advisor is not only the person you go to with questions, complaints, requests for exceptions, etc. She or he is someone who can discuss your plans with you, both your Brown plans and your post-Brown plans. We strongly urge you to take advantage of the advising program and meet with your advisor frequently. In addition, during the concentration-advising week every fall all concentrators must meet with their advisors and, if nothing else, make certain they are on track to graduate.

If you have any questions about the concentration-advising program or are having difficulty contacting your advisor, please contact the director of undergraduate studies, Tom Doeppner.

Note that not all faculty mentioned below are currently available as advisors. Please consult ASK for the list of those faculty who are available now.

CS Concentration Advisors
Eugene Charniak
Tom Doeppner
Rodrigo Fonseca
James Hays
Maurice Herlihy
Jeff Huang
John Hughes
Sorin Istrail
Chad Jenkins
Philip Klein
Tim Kraska
Shriram Krishnamurthi
David Laidlaw
Michael Littman
Anna Lysyanskaya
Barbara J Meier
Ben Raphael
Steve Reiss
John Savage
Erik Sudderth
Stefanie Tellex
Eli Upfal
Paul Valiant
Andy van Dam
Stan Zdonik
Applied Mathematics-CS Concentration Advisors
Sorin Istrail
Caroline Klivans*
Anastasios Matzavinos Toumasis (APMA)*
Martin Maxey (APMA)*
Govind Menon (APMA)*
Boris Rozovsky (APMA)*
Erik Sudderth
Computational Biology Concentration Advisors
Sorin Istrail
Charles Lawrence (APMA)*
Sohini Ramachandran (Bio)*
Ben Raphael
Daniel Weinreich (Bio)*
Computer Science-Economics Concentration Advisors
Mark Dean (Econ)*
Geoffroy DeClippel (Econ)*
Mathematics-Computer ScienceConcentration Advisors
Maurice Herlihy
John F. Hughes
Anna Lysyanskaya
Richard Schwartz (Math)*
Paul Valiant

*Faculty in other departments.