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If you graduate in May 2007

White card

First, do not forget to fill out the white card sent by Registrar (application to graduate) before April 23. This card will be included with the registration materials mailed to you. You may also pick up a card at the Registrar's Office.

Students completing theses

The Grad school deadline is May 1. More information and forms are available on the Graduate School website.

Students completing projects

The department deadline is May 15. You must notify Lauren Relyea and your advisor must confirm that the project is satisfactory by this date or you will not graduate. An electronic pdf of the final paper should also be submited. The department does not require special paper or format. The paper should have a cover sheet with the title, etc.

Examples of projects and theses

Click here for past examples of projects and thesis.

Master's Contract

Finally, you must have an accurate Master's contract on file with Lauren Relyea. The course requirements include 8 courses: 2 theory, 2 practice, one of them should meet the significant programming requirement. Two of them should be 200 level. There can be up to 2 Reading and Research. Grades must be B or better. Students completing the program with the coursework option must have the two additional courses approved by the Director of the Master's Program on their contracts.

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