Frequently Asked Questions About Master's Admissions

Q: What are the criteria for admission to the master's program in computer science at Brown?

A: We consider numerous criteria including academic performance, letters of recommendation and industrial experience. We also consider GRE scores, TOEFL scores (if relevant), motivation, work experience, awards, honors, prizes, and other accomplishments. Because master's applicants are so diverse, no single set of criteria adequately cover all the cases. In more detail, we are looking for:

Q: Can I still apply if I cannot have all the material ready by the deadline?

A: Unfortunately not. We have two distinct admissions seasons. Students applying for spring admission, the deadline is December 11th. Students applying for fall admission have a deadline of March 15th. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and no applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Note that we need a complete application, including letters of recommendation AND OFFICIAL SCORE REPORTS, before we can make admission decisions. Therefore, please give your letter writers enough time to write and mail your letters of support

Q: Do I have to begin graduate study in September?

A: No. You can begin your study in the spring semester (which begins in late January) if you wish. Note, we generally have far fewer slots available for January admission that we do for September admission.

Q: I cannot afford the application fee. Can you waive it?

A: To request a fee waiver, complete the Application Fee Waiver Request on the online application form. In addition, you must submit documentation that substantiates your financial hardship. Acceptable forms of documentation are FAFSA, a letter from a college/university financial aid office, receipt of GRE fee waiver, unemployment verification, or other forms that provide significant documentation of financial hardship. Do not send copies of your tax returns.

All supporting documentation should be sent to using the email subject line "Fee Waiver Materials."

Q: Do you have financial aid available for ScM students?

A: Sorry, we do not offer funding to ScM students. Neither teaching nor research assistantships are available for ScM students. It is highly unlikely that you can find any sort of employment at the university while you are a student here. You will need to apply to external sources of support. You might consult the grad school's web page for general information on this topic. Note, however, that there are very few, if any, funding sources available for international students. While we do assist all CS master's students in finding paid internships for the summers they are here, international students must 'provide certified proof of financial support (including travel to and from the U.S.) adequate to meet annual expenses.' Please see here for details.

Q: Are scans of any of the application material acceptable?

A: Scanned copies are encouraged as part of the initial application; original documents are required if you are admitted and decide to enroll here. Please send all documents to the Graduate School, not the Computer Science Department.

Q: Do you admit students only from certain elite universities and reject ones not from there?

A: We admit only outstanding students to our program. The institution you attended is just one of many indicators we consider. In particular, we recognize that excellent students graduate from all kinds of institutions; it is what they do there and after graduation that makes their applications stand out. Thus we sometimes reject students from leading American and international institutions and accept students who did not attend such universities.

Q: I don't have a standard Computer Science background. What kinds of courses should I take before I apply to strengthen my application?

A: What we are looking for is readiness to take our Master's-level courses. While we sometimes discount weaknesses in some areas if there are strengths in others, we'd like to see most of the following courses:

In addition, a student should have taken a more advanced course (normally offered to juniors and seniors) in at least one area of Computer Science.

Q: I have earned my Bachelor's degree from a three-year degree program. Can I still apply for a Master's degree?

A: The three-year programs we know about, specifically those in India, are acceptable and students from those programs can apply here. If you are coming from a program with which we are not familiar, we may need information from you before acting on your application.

Q: Do I have to take the GRE General exam?

A: The department does not require the General exam for master's applicants. Your General test scores give us an additional objective form of evaluation. On the other hand, some students have extremely strong records, and this strength is evident from their application. For such students, the General test score does not provide much additional information. In the end, it's your call.

Q: Do I have to take the GRE Subject exam?

A: The department does not require the Subject exam. If you do take it, the scores most useful to us would naturally be those from computer science. Your Subject test scores give us an additional objective form of evaluation. On the other hand, some students have extremely strong records, and this strength is evident from their application. For such students, the Subject test score does not provide much additional information. In the end, it's your call.

Q: Can I contact the graduate school by phone or electronic mail?

A: The graduate school's contact information is on their Web page.

Q: Where do I send my transcripts, score reports, etc?

A: If you are admitted and prompted to do so, please send supplemental
materials to:

      Brown Graduate School,
      47 George Street, Box 1867,
      Providence, RI 02912.

Please do not send hard copies of any application materials unless
requested by the Graduate School.

Q: Should I use the institution code, the department code or both for the GRE and TOEFL?

A: The GRE institution code is 3094 and the GRE department code is 0402. For the TOEFL, you should use the school code which is 3094 and the department code 78. Note that answers to these questions and many like them may be found at our graduate school website:

Q: Have you received all my application materials?

A: Please contact the Graduate School directly at for questions relating to the online application system or to see if all of your materials have arrived.

Q: Who decides whom to admit?

A: Officially, admissions are generated by the Graduate School of Brown University. In practice, the Computer Science Department (specifically, a group of faculty members) evaluates your application and makes recommendations to the Graduate School, which typically follows our recommendations. Therefore, you are generating your application (in particular, your statement) to be read primarily by computer science faculty.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: You can email the department at Please be sure to mention that your question is about master's admissions.