PhD Candidate Forms And Checklists

Submitting An Annual Progress Report

After you pass candidacy, you must submit an annual progress report every year by March 1. Make sure you're logged in with your Brown ID, then click here.


Preparing For Your Proposal And Defense

We strongly encourage you to use these tips as you prepare for both your thesis proposal and defense. These tips are designed to help you avoid pitfalls or mistakes others have encountered.

When You Plan To Propose

Before you schedule your thesis proposal, confirm that you've met all of the course requirements by filling out the Icon Post Candidacy Contract (76.7 KB)  and submitting the signed version to Lauren Clarke. Use this short form to make sure that you've completed the required administrative tasks.

When You Plan To Defend

  • Use the   Icon Thesis Defense Checklist (100.2 KB) to make sure that you've completed the required administrative tasks in a timely manner, particularly your refreshment choices.
  • Three weeks before your scheduled defense, you must fill out the Dissertation Information Form and submit it to Lauren Clarke. A sample filled-out form can be found here to help guide you.
  • This optional thesis template may make formatting your thesis easier.
  • Use this list of suggestions if you don't want to think too hard about your refreshment choices for your thesis defense.
  • Use this form (also in Excel) to plan and communicate your refreshment choices for your thesis defense.

Scheduling Your Proposal And Defense

You must give four weeks of advance notice for scheduling a thesis proposal or defense, and there can't be more than one of these events on any given day. Use the calendar here, maintained by Lauren Clarke, to check if a particular date is available.

Submitting Your Application To Graduate

When you're ready to graduate, be sure to fill out the Application to Graduate in Banner before the deadline.  You can find updated deadlines on the Graduate School's site.