PhD Candidates Forms And Checklists

Application To Graduate

When you're ready to graduate, be sure to fill out the "Application to Graduate" in Banner before April 30. If you miss the April 30 deadline, you won't be allowed to walk at commencement or receive your diploma on May.

Progress Report

Once every year, students who have passed candidacy must submit a written update on their status by March 1. The form can be found here. (You must be logged in with your Brown ID to access it.)

Preparing For Your Proposal And Defense

PhDs are strongly encouraged to use these tips as you prepare for both your thesis proposal and thesis defense. These tips are designed to help avoid pitfalls or mistakes others have encountered.

When You Plan To Propose

Use this short form to make sure that you've completed the required administrative tasks.

When You Plan To Defend

Scheduling Thesis Proposals And Defenses

You must give a four-week advance notice for scheduling a thesis proposal or defense, and there can't be more than one of these events on any given day. Use the calendar here, maintained by Lauren Clarke, to check if a particular date is available.