Information about PhDs receiving Master's degrees

PhD candidates in good standing are eligible to receive a master's degree after advancing to candidacy. Interested students should submit the university's application to graduate, available in Banner. The department application (PDF), which should be submitted to Lauren Clarke, is due no later than May 1 of the year these students wish to receive the degree. The requirements for a master's degree must be met as specified in the department application, and the research project used to advance to candidacy may be used to fulfill the research project.

The requirements for a master's degree differ from the advance to candidacy requirements. To earn their Master's degree, students are required to complete 6 graduate level courses in CS or related areas that should be chosen as follows:
  1. Two must be CS courses that form a coherent major. Examples of such majors will appear on our Master's web page.
  2. One must be a CS course that complements the major. Examples will appear on our web page.
  3. Three additional courses must be in CS or related areas.
  4. None of the 6 courses can be Reading and Research courses and at least two of the six courses must be 2000-level courses.

PhDs Who Have Yet to Advance

PhDs who take a leave of absence before advancing to candidacy and wish to receive a Master's degree should talk to the Director of Graduate Studies to see if they qualify.