Admitted and Current Students

Welcome to Brown! Congratulations on your acceptance to the Master of Science in Cybersecurity program!

If you are a new or continuing student, the resources below will be helpful to you. Please return to this page as a first step when you have questions as you complete the Cybersecurity program.

Program Contacts

For questions concerning submission of official transcripts, setting up your Brown resource access, and the enrollment process:

For questions about financial aid:

For questions concerning course prerequisites, course requirements, the future availability of specific course offerings, and academic dates:

John Tracey-Ursprung ( - Student Affairs Manager

For questions concerning the Policy Track, the Computer Science Track, the Brown Cybersecurity community, scholarships, and student experience:

John Tracey-Ursprung ( - Student Affairs Manager


Orientation programming for the Cybersecurity program will be presented online only. You do not need to travel to campus for orientation.

Tuition Information

All billing questions should be directed to the Bursar's office:
All questions about federal aid should be directed to:
Questions regarding student loans can be directed to:
If you have questions about GI Bill benefits, please contact
If you were awarded a scholarship by Brown, it is likely that you will receive your first tuition bill before your scholarship has been processed and applied to your account. If this applies to you, you can wait until your scholarship is posted to make your payment.
Health Services Fee
If you would like to waive your health services fee each semester, please write to Analia Correa at Note that you will have to do this each semester that you're interested in the waiver during your time at Brown--you can't simply make a one-time request.
There is a deadline for this request each semester, so please don't delay if you're interested in requesting a waiver and have not already requested one.
Note this important consideration that the Health Services office would like you to know: If a student waives the health services fee, but then utilizes Health Services or Counseling (CAPS), then the student will be charged the full semester health fee.

Course Registration

Course registration will not occur until early September [for students entering in a fall term] or late January [for students entering in a spring term].

If you encounter problems with the course registration system, please contact or the Office of Information Technology

Resources for Getting Started

Student Support Resources

Brown has support resources available to students to help them get the most out of life and their academic experience when challenges come up. Dean Alicia LaPolla can connect you with resources at Brown or can have a conversation with you to help you reflect on ways to feel better when facing difficult times. Dean LaPolla is a dedicated student support resource for master's degree students. Her email is

Academic Calendar

You can find the University's academic calendar here. Note that internal program deadlines are not listed on this calendar, but major dates--like the start and end date of the semester--are listed.

Completing the Program

The program is designed to be completed in 4 semesters. It takes 8 courses to complete the program and you can take up to 3 courses per semester, but we strongly recommend taking 2 courses per semester--especially during your first term at Brown. We do not currently offer summer term courses in the program, so courses would be completed during fall and spring.

Scholarship Information

You're automatically considered for scholarships when you apply for admission to the program; there is no separate scholarship application.

If the committee determines that an applicant is to be awarded a scholarship, then the applicant is notified at the time of their admission into the program. Unfortunately, there are a very limited number of scholarships available. Applicants who do not receive a merit award letter at the time of their admission are unable to be reconsidered.