The Computer Science Department web site is the product of a collaborative effort by literally hundreds of authors. Managed in a pointedly decentralized manner, portions of the web, from single pages to whole sub-trees, are authored and maintained by their owners.

That said, the roughly 2 percent of the web (some 600 pages) that populates the root of the tree, of which this page is an example, is the result of a concentrated effort by the department's technical staff to present consistency, ease of navigation and a professional look to our web visitors.

Webmaster John Bazik designed the structure, navigation, and look of these pages. He also wrote or rewrote a good deal of the text and took many of the pictures. He wrote most of the cgi scripts used by the root pages, and programmed (using the wonderful Website Meta Language) the page templates used throughout the main part of the site. Just to round things out, he also spec'd the hardware it runs on, and installed and administers those systems.

Key portions of text were contributed by the faculty (both individually and in committee), and images by Suzi Howe. Trina Avery debugged the important bits of english language. Suzi and Trina also write and manage the news section. Deputy webmaster Kathy Kirman runs the events section of the web, as well as authoring and maintaining pages throughout. During the design, helpful comments were received from many in the department, but particularly from Rosemary Simpson.

The text and pictures that are not new were brought forward from the department's last website redesign, which was carried out by undergraduates Matt Amdur and Keith Schmidt. The current web certainly owes much to their efforts last time around.