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Date Lecture Notes Readings
Thu 01/26 Introduction.
Sign up for Piazza and for the paper review site. keshav07howtoread, hanson00
Tue 01/31 Design of the Internet
Clark88Design, Handley06JustWorks
Thu 02/02 Congestion Control
No need to read the appendices. Review required. Jacobson88Congestion
Tue 02/07 Rodrigo out
Thu 02/09 Snow day
Tue 02/14 Help from the network, "fairness"
See here for a good explanation of WFQ. Demers89FairQueueing, Briscoe07Fairness
Thu 02/16 More Congestion
Datacenter Networking
Thu 02/23 Topology and Congestion Control
You can also skim AlFares08, no review needed for it. Alizadeh10DCTCP, Greenberg09VL2
Tue 02/28 Scheduling and Performance
No need to review What we talk about, but come prepared to discuss it Alizadeh13pFabric, Mogul12CloudPerf
Thu 03/02 Co-flows
Tue 03/07
No summary for Kalia16RDMA, but do read the principles. Kalia16FaSST, Kalia16RDMA
Thu 03/09
Try to contrast with the papers from Tuesday Binnig16Slow
Software-Defined Networks
Tue 03/14
Snow Day. Watch Scott Shenker's Video
Thu 03/16 Beginnings.
Greenberg05-4D, Feamster13road
Tue 03/21 SDNs in the Wide Area
Project proposals due (pdf by email). Review for B4; Skim SWAN (look for differences) Jain13B4, Hong13Swan
Thu 03/23 Virtualization
Rodrigo out. Jeff Rasley will lead the discussion. Koponen14Nicira
Tue 03/28
Spring Recess
Thu 03/30
Spring Recess
Programmable Network Hardware
Tue 04/04 Programmable Switches
Review only for OVS. Skim mSwitch (secs 1-3, and 6). Nick will talk about VFP, presented last week at NSDI. Pfaff15OVS
Thu 04/06 SDN Programming and Verification
Special guest Tim Nelson. No review required for Veriflow. Nelson14Flowlog, Khurshid13Veriflow
Tue 04/11 Programming the hardware
Review only for Metamorphosis, but do read P4 bosshart13metamorphosis, Bosshart14P4
Thu 04/13 Seeing the packets
Review only for NetSight handigol14netsight, rasley14planck
Tue 04/18 Not remembering all the packets
Before the paper, read The Britney Spears Problem and skim Cormode03Count-Min for a background on this sketch. liu16univmon
Thu 04/20 Using programmability
Wide Area
Tue 04/25 Wide Area
Anatomy of a Large European IXP Ager12AnatomyIXP
Thu 04/27 SDX
Software-defined Internet Exchange. Also read secs 1-3 of the original SDX paper. Gupta16iSDX
Wrap Up
Tue 05/02 Last class
How to find problems? Also watch Nick McKeown's Sigcomm 2012 Keynote, Mind the Gap. Varghese's slides are here. HammingYouAndYourResearch, VargheseConfluences
Tue 05/16 Poster Session
At regular class time, in the 3rd floor atrium
Thu 05/18 Final reports due 11:59pm
See syllabus for details

Reading List