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Date Lecture Notes Readings
Thu 01/23 Introduction.
Join the mailing list. keshav07hotworead, hanson00
Tue 01/28 Design of the Internet
Clark88Design, Saltzer84E2E
Thu 01/30 Lecture - Switching and Routing
[pdf] [pptx]
No reviews, regular lecture [Rodrigo]
Tue 02/04 Enterprise Networks
yu11vlan, kim11evolution
Thu 02/06 Scaling Ethernet
No review for TRILL, just skim kim08seattle, perlman11TRILL
Software Defined Networking - Evolving the Control Plane
Tue 02/11 Beginnings
Also watch Scott Shenker's Talk The Future of Networking and the Past of Protocols Greenberg05-4D [Silao]
Thu 02/13 The Road to SDN
feamster13road [Rodrigo]
Tue 02/18 Long Weekend
Thu 02/20 Centralizing the Control
Casado07Ethane [Yujie], McKeown08Openflow [Cheng-Lun]
Tue 02/25 Controller Architecture
Koponen10Onix, erickson13beacon
Thu 02/27 Wide Area SDNs
jain13B4 [Charles]
Fri 02/28 Proposal draft
Due 11:59pm, txt, mailing list
Tue 03/04 Controller Scalability (Andrew)
Rodrigo out. Regular class. Review of Kandoo only. yeganeh12kandoo, yeganeh13SDNscalability
Thu 03/06 Programming I
Pyretic, Maple
Tue 03/11 Programming II
Project Proposal Discussion nelson14flowlog [Tim]
Thu 03/13 Application Layer
No review for Wang12Bigdata ferguson13participatory [Rodrigo], Wang12Bigdata
Fri 03/14 Final Proposal
Due 11:59pm, pdf, mailing list
Tue 03/18 Verification
HSA [Da], Khurshid13Veriflow [Silao]
Thu 03/20 Measurement
Tue 03/25 Spring Break
Thu 03/27 Spring Break
Tue 04/01 Software Switching
Review only for the HotNets paper, questions/criticism can be from both OpenVSwitch09 [Yujie], OVSEdge
Thu 04/03
Rodrigo out for NSDI
Tue 04/08 Evolving OpenFlow
Metamorphosis discusses more general hardware fowarding planes, while "OpenFlow 2" describes P4, a language to express flexible matchings bosshart13metamorphoshis [Cody], bosshart13openflow2 [Josh]
Thu 04/10 Network Virtualization
Tue 04/15 Cloud Networking
Also watch Martin Casado's talk - what are the main challenges he points out, can you think of any others? OpenStackArch, OpenStackNeutron, NeutronPlugins [Skim], NeutronAPI [Skim]
Data Plane in the Datacenter
Thu 04/17 Datacenter Topology ScaleOut
Tue 04/22 Congestion Control
Jacobson88, Alizadeh10DCTCP
Thu 04/24 Rodrigo out - Sigcomm PC Meeting. Jeff will present Planck.
Planck [Jeff]
Tue 04/29 MultipathTCP
More info here. Skim 'Improving datacenter performance with multipath TCP'. Wischik11MPTCP
Thu 05/01 Low and Uniform Latency
Tue 05/06 No Class - finalize projects
Thu 05/08 Final Presentations
Thu 05/15 Final Project Due

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