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Date Lecture Notes Readings
Thu 01/24 Introduction
Tue 01/29 Design of the Internet
Cerf74Packet, Clark88Design [Rodrigo]
Thu 01/31 Design (continued)
Saltzer84E2E [Ray]
Tue 02/05 Congestion Control
Jacobson88Congestion [Jeff]
Thu 02/07 Fairness
Tue 02/12 Congestion Control in The Network
Thu 02/14 Congestion Control in a Datacenter
Alizadeh10DCTCP [Kyle]
Tue 02/19 Spring Weekend
Software-Defined Networking Beginnings
Thu 02/21 Introduction to SDNs
Also watch Scott Shenker's Talk The Future of Networking and the Past of Protocols Greenberg05-4D [Christopher]
Tue 02/26 Rodrigo Out
Thu 02/28 Central Network Control
Casado07Ethane, McKeown08Openflow [Shu]
Fri 03/01 Project Proposal Draft
SDN Scaling and Programming
Tue 03/05 Scalable Openflow Controller
Koponen10Onix [Rodrigo]
Thu 03/07 Programming SDNs I
Hinrichs2009FML [Kyle]
Fri 03/08
Project proposal due (see the Syllabus, and this document for reference.
Tue 03/12 Programming SDNs II
Foster11Frenetic [Tuo]
Datacenter Network Architectures
Thu 03/14 Datacenter Network Topologies I
Alfares08FatTree [Dimitra]
Tue 03/19 Datacenter Network Topologies II
Greenberg09VL2 [Jeff]
Thu 03/21 Optical Networking
Vahdat11Emerging, Farrington12Mice [Ray]
Tue 03/26 Spring Break
Thu 03/28 Spring Break
Load Balancing
Tue 04/02 Load Balancing with SDNs
Alfares10Hedera [Jordan,], Benson11MicroTE
Thu 04/04 Multipath TCP
Wischik11MPTCP [Charles]
Fairness and Scheduling
Tue 04/09
Thu 04/11 Better Never than Late
Debugging and Verifying
Tue 04/16
Khurshid13Veriflow, Handigol13ndb
Thu 04/18
Nelson10Margrave [Eric]
Users and Applications
Tue 04/23
Thu 04/25
Tue 04/30 Reading Period
Tue 05/07 Poster Session
3rd Floor Atrium, 10:00 - 12:00
Tue 05/14 No Class
Final Project Reports Due, 11:59pm

Reading List

  • Tue 01/29 -- Lecture 2: Design of the Internet
  • Thu 01/31 -- Lecture 3: Design (continued)
  • Tue 02/05 -- Lecture 4: Congestion Control
  • Thu 02/07 -- Lecture 5: Fairness
  • Tue 02/12 -- Lecture 6: Congestion Control in The Network
  • Thu 02/14 -- Lecture 7: Congestion Control in a Datacenter
    • Mohammad Alizadeh and Albert Greenberg and David A. Maltz and Jitendra Padhye and Parveen Patel and Balaji Prabhakar and Sudipta Sengupta and Murari Sridharan
      Data Center TCP (DCTCP)
      In SIGCOMM, 2010
  • Thu 02/21 -- Lecture 8: Introduction to SDNs
  • Thu 02/28 -- Lecture 9: Central Network Control
    • Casado, Martin and Freedman, Michael J. and Pettit, Justin and Luo, Jianying and McKeown, Nick and Shenker, Scott
      Ethane: taking control of the enterprise
      In Proceedings of the 2007 conference on Applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communications, 2007, pages 1--12
    • McKeown, Nick and Anderson, Tom and Balakrishnan, Hari and Parulkar, Guru and Peterson, Larry and Rexford, Jennifer and Shenker, Scott and Turner, Jonathan
      OpenFlow: enabling innovation in campus networks
      In SIGCOMM Comput. Commun. Rev., Mar 2008, pages 69--74
  • Tue 03/05 -- Lecture 11: Scalable Openflow Controller
  • Thu 03/07 -- Lecture 12: Programming SDNs I
    • Timothy L. Hinrichs and Natasha Gude and Martin Casado and John C. Mitchell and Scott Shenker
      Practical Declarative Network Management
      In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Research on Enterprise Networking (WREN), 2009, pages 1-10
  • Tue 03/12 -- Lecture 13: Programming SDNs II
    • Nate Foster and Rob Harrison and Michael J. Freedman and Christopher Monsanto and Jennifer Rexford and Alec Story and David Walker
      Frenetic: A Network Programming Language
      In ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP), September 2011
  • Thu 03/14 -- Lecture 14: Datacenter Network Topologies I
  • Tue 03/19 -- Lecture 15: Datacenter Network Topologies II
    • Greenberg, Albert and Hamilton, James R. and Jain, Navendu and Kandula, Srikanth and Kim, Changhoon and Lahiri, Parantap and Maltz, David A. and Patel, Parveen and Sengupta, Sudipta
      VL2: a scalable and flexible data center network
      In SIGCOMM '09: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2009 conference on Data communication, 2009, pages 51--62
  • Thu 03/21 -- Lecture 16: Optical Networking
  • Tue 04/02 -- Lecture 17: Load Balancing with SDNs
  • Thu 04/04 -- Lecture 18: Multipath TCP
  • Tue 04/09 -- Lecture 19:
  • Thu 04/11 -- Lecture 20: Better Never than Late
  • Tue 04/16 -- Lecture 21:
  • Thu 04/18 -- Lecture 22:
    • Timothy Nelson and Christopher Barratt and Daniel J. Dougherty and Kathi Fisler and Shriram Krishnamurthi
      The Margrave Tool for Firewall Analysis
      In USENIX Large Installation System Administration Conference, 2010
  • Tue 04/23 -- Lecture 23:

  • Thu 04/25 -- Lecture 24: