CSCI2950-Q, 2010
Assignment number 1.

Due: Tues Sept 14, 11:59 PM, via email.

There are many conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination. Many of these revolve around the Zapruder film. Of these, several use various image processing methods to analyze the film and its contents. Several examples of this sort of analysis are described here

Your task is to read these analyses critically and find three examples where either there is an error or problem with the method of analysis or new and better methods could be used to test whether the claim is true.

Be specific but brief in describing the problem and what approach you would take to either do this differently or test whether the claim is true.

I am looking for a short paragraph for each problem. It would be good (but not required) to be specific about what algorithm or method you would propose to use.

You are not restricted to the analyses on the web page above. You are free to point out other approaches that have analyzed this film and their weaknesses. (e.g. are there any weaknesses of the Dale Myers analysis?).

What to hand in: email me ( your short writeup.

What else to do: come to class prepared to discuss the problems you've found, why they are problems, and what could be done differently.