CS 2950K : Deep Learning

CS 2950K is taught by Professor Eugene Charniak (ec).
Lectures are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 to 2:50PM in CIT 477.

To contact the course staff, please use Piazza.


Note: We not be handing out any more overrides to the course until you email your answers to the first homework (HW 0) to the course TA List: cs2950ktas@cs.brown.edu.

Course Information


Assignment Name Out Due References
HW 0: MNIST Introduction Wednesday, Sept 7th Monday, Sept 12th MNIST Dataset
HW 1: Neural Networks from Scratch Tuesday, Sept 13th Monday, Sept 19th Tensorflow MNIST Tutorial
HW 2: MNIST with Tensorflow Monday, Sept 19th Monday, Sept 26th Tensorflow MNIST Tutorial
HW 3: Convolutional Neural Networks for MNIST Monday, Sept 26th Monday, Oct 3rd Convolutional MNIST Tutorial
HW 4: Feed-Forward Language Modeling with Embeddings Monday, Oct 3rd Monday, Oct 10th A Neural Probabilistic Language Model
HW 5: Recurrent Neural Networks for Language Modeling Monday, Oct 10th Monday, Oct 17th Recurrent Neural Networks Tutorial
HW 6: Deep Q-Learning For Atari Pong Monday, Oct 17th Monday, Oct 24th
Final Group Project Monday, October 24th Presentations week of 12/5 - 12/9


Date Topic Announcements
7th Sept Introduction Out: HW 0
9th Sept Introduction to Feed-Forward Neural Networks
12th Sept The Backpropagation Algorithm with Feed-Forward Networks Due: HW 0
Out: HW 1
14th Sept Backpropagation (One-Layer Softmax Network)
16th Sept Forward and Backward Propagation with Matrix Multiplication
19th Sept Matrix Multiplication and Introduction to Tensorflow Due: HW 1
Out: HW 2
21st Sept Introduction to Tensorflow
23rd Sept MNIST with Tensorflow
26th Sept Depth and Neural Networks Due: HW 2
Out: HW 3
28th Sept Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
30th Sept More Convolutional Neural Networks
3rd Oct Neural Networks for Language Due: HW 3
Out: HW 4
5th Oct Word Embeddings and Language Modeling
7th Oct Feed-Forward Language Modeling


Name Login Hours Location
Eugene Charniak (Professor) ec By Appointment CIT 419
Sidd Karamcheti (HTA) skaramch Fridays 12 - 2 PM CIT 271
Dilip Arumugam (UTA) darumuga Wednesdays 4 - 6 PM CIT 271
Vivek Ramanujan (UTA) vramanuj Mondays 7 - 9 PM Motorola