Final Projects

CSCI2820 Final Projects Tentative List

Each student is required to complete a final research project as part of the requirements of CSCI2820. You should work with Professor Istrail to frame your project. The final handin will include a ~15-20 minute presentation of your project results and your chosen GWAS paper, a report describing your project results, and any accompanying source code/documentation. Direct your questions regarding projects to Professor Istrail.

GWAS papers
Here are a few review papers on trends, limitations and open problems in GWAS. These might be useful for thinking of project ideas and getting a better understanding of the state of GWAS:

Below is a set of projects and a sample of related papers aligned with the goals of the class. We are hoping these might be a source of inspiration for picking projects. Note: this represents only a sample of projects; you are encouraged to define a project aligned with your interests. Once you pick your project, please enter it on this Google Sheet by the end of the day on 19 March 2021.

Potential Final Porject Topics and Relevant Supplementary Readings