Guest Lectures and other Media

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CSCI2820 Fall 2012 Invited Speakers

Matthew Stephens

Professor Matthew Stephens Ph.D., Department of Human Genetics and Department of Statistics, The University of Chicago

Gary Stormo

Professor Gary Stormo Ph.D., Joseph Erlanger Professor, Department of Genetics, Washington University School of Medicine

Sam Broder

Guest Lecturer: Samuel Broder, M.D., (Celera, Chief Medical Officer) former director of the National Cancer Institute and whose lab made key contributions to the development of AIDS treatments such as AZT, ddl, and ddc, will deliver lectures on the genomics based diagnosis of disease.

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Jonathan Yewdell

Guest Lecturer: Jonathan Yewdell M.D., Ph.D. (NIH) – leading immunologist and head of NIAID Cell Biology and Viral Immunology – will discuss computational challenges in the arms race between Humans and their pathogens.

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John Conway

Guest Lecturer: Professor John Conway (Princeton) – renown mathematician, recipient of the Berwick, Pólya, and Nemmers Prizes, and fellow of the Royal Society – will discuss mathematical challenges in sphere and side-chain packing problems.

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Issam Zineh

Guest Lecturer: Professor Issam Zineh Pharm.D., MPH (UF) – Associate Director for Genomics in the Office of Clinical Pharmacology, CDER, FDA – will discuss challenges in computational genomics at the FDA.

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