CS2590: Advanced Cryptography


Instructor: Anna Lysyanskaya

Course Syllabus:




Jan 27

Bilinear Maps, Identity Based Encryption

Joux (Journal Version)

Boneh-Franklin IBE (Crypto 01)

Feb 1

Bilinear Maps, Identity Based Encryption, GOS proofs

BGN cryptosystems: Boneh, Goh, Nissim. Evaluating 2-dnf formulas on ciphertexts.(TCC 05)


Groth, Ostrovsky, Sahai. Perfect non-interactive zero knowledge for np (Eurocrypt 06).


Feb 3

Bilinear Maps, GOS proofs, HIBE

Lewko, Waters. New Techniques for Dual System Encryption and Fully Secure HIBE with Short Ciphertexts.

Feb 8

Class canceled

Feb 10

Class canceled

Feb 15

Bilinear Maps, GOS proofs, HIBE

Feb 17

Bilinear Maps, GOS proofs, HIBE

Feb 22

Long Weekend

Mar 1

Continue LW HIBE.

BB Sig, DY VRF - Tess

Mar 3

Boneh-Boyen-Shacham short sig (JoC 04) and Waters IBE (Euro 05) - Foteini

Mar 8

Groth-Sahai Proof – Sasha, Feng-Hao

Mar 10

Anonymous Credential/Randomized proofs (TCC 08/ Crytp 09) - Anna

Mar 15

Lewko-Lewko-Waters (STOC 11) - Eric

Mar 22

Mar 24


Selected Papers (Keep Adding~):

(Everyone should present!)


Bilinear Maps/ IBE/HIBE/Signatures


Anna Lysyanskaya: Unique Signatures and Verifiable Random Functions from the DH-DDH Separation (Crypto 02)


Dan Boneh, Ben Lynn, and Hovav Shacham: Short Signatures from the Weil Pairing (Journal of Cryptology 04)


Dan Boneh and Xavier Boyen: Short Signatures Without Random Oracles and the SDH Assumption in Bilinear Groups (Journal of Cryptology 08)



Boneh, Boyen, Goh. Hierarchical Identity Based Encryption with Constant Size Ciphertext (Eurocrypt 05)


Waters. Efficient Identity-Based Encryption Without Random Orancles (Eurocrypt 05) or the eprint  version


Gentry. Practical Identity-Based Encryption Without Random Oracles (Eurocrypt 06)


Boneh,Boyen, Shacham. Short Group Signatures (Crypto 04)


Dodis, Yampolskiy. A Verifiable Random Function With Short Proofs and Keys (PKC 05)


Lewko, Waters. Unbounded HIBE and Attribute-Based Encryption (Eurocrypt 11)


Lewko, Lewko, Waters. How to Leak on Key Updates. (STOC 2011)



Groth-Sahai Proof Systems


Jens Groth and Amit Sahai. Efficient non-interactive proof systems for bilinear groups.


Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss and Anna Lysyanskaya. P-signatures and Noninteractive Anonymous Credentials.(TCC 08)


Mira Belenkiy, Jan Camenisch, Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya and Hovav Shacham. Randomizable Proofs and Delegatable Anonymous Credentials. (Crypto 09)



Attribute-Based Encryptions


Sahai, Waters. Fuzzy Odentity based Encryption (Eurocrypt 05)


Forward- Secure Encryption


Canetti, Halevi Katz. A Forward-Secure Public-Key Encryption Scheme (Journal of Cryptology 07)


Leakage Resilient


 Chow, Dodis, Rouselakis, Waters. "Practical Leakage-Resilient Identity-Based Encryption from Simple Assumptions" (CCS 10)


Dodis, Haralambiev, Lopez-Alt, Wichs. "Cryptography Against Continuous Memory Attacks" (FOCS 2010)


Lewko, Youselakis, Waters. Achieving Leakage Resilience Through Dual System Encryption (TCC 11)