Topics in 3D Game Engine Development

First Lecture

Posted on 22 Jan 2016 by bsheeran

Hey y'all! The first day of class will be on Wednesday, Jan. 35 at 3pm in CIT room 316. See you all there!

Winter Assignment

Posted on 30 Dec 2016 by bsheeran

The winter assignment is now out! It can be found on the assignments page of this website. This is a requirement if you have not taken CS123 and will be due on the first day of lecture.

CS1972: Topics in 3D Game Engine Development

Posted on 22 Dec 2016 by bsheeran

CS1972: Topics in 3D Game Engine Development covers core techniques in 3D game development with an emphasis on engine architecture. Students independently develop their own engines using C++, OpenGL, and the Qt framework, then work in groups to create a polished game. Topics include: spatial subdivision, player representation, collision detection and response, and OpenGL. Prerequisites: one of CSCI 1230, CSCI 195n, CSCI 0320, or CSCI 0330, and either CS1230 or completion of the winter assignment.

If you have not taken CS123 (Graphics), you must complete the winter assignment before the beginning of the semester, which will be posted on this website shortly. This will adequately prepare you with the requisite C++ and OpenGL knowledge.