Project 5: Face Morphing (Writeup)

Jason Pacheco (pachecoj)

March 26, 2010

Algorithm Description

The video to the right shows the results of the algorithm on the input set of faces. The algorithm computes 21 frames for each pair of images and performs morphing and blending with equal coefficients in the range [0,1] with increments of 1/21. I found that 18 correspondence points worked well enough.


The results are shown in the video to the right. Below are the mean and median faces of the data set. Out of curiosity I computed the median face for comparison. There are some interesting comparisons, most notably you can clearly see glasses on the mean face, while there are none on the median. While both of them look predominantly male the median face looks much more plausibly male, furthermore the hair looks much more coherently like a short buzz cut on the median face. Finally, we see that smiling is aparently an outlier, since mean guy looks happier than median guy.

Mean Guy Median Guy