Project 5: Face Morphing

Jarrell Webb (jtwebb)
March 26, 2010


The user specifies an ordered set of corresponding control points for each face:
The algorithm to morph one face into the other creates a vector from one corresponding point to its partner in the other image. Then blend points are interpolated along that vector from beginning to end. Those points are known in the final image. The x and y cooridantes of every other point is interpolated separatley with poisson blending:
Crossdissolve is used to help with the illusion.

Result Morphs

The Mean Face

The algorithm can be slightly modified to produce a average face. This is done by averaging the correspondence points and then morphing each face to the average point set. Then each of those morphed images is averaged to produce the above result.

Faces Morphed To Mean Face


The mean face can be used distort faces away from or past (along the vector) the mean face to create caricatures.

Faces Morphed Beyond and Away from the Mean

Non-Face Morphs

I also tried morphing the alphabet but I think that some alternate method is necesary to make this work well.