Project 5 Writeup

Alex Hills (ahills)
March 26

This project revolved around image morphing, and was specifically geared towards face morphing and combining. The method involved using user input to generate two sets of points, and a point on the first image was intended to match a point on the second image. Then the average of these points was calculated to create the mesh that the final image would be. The images would then use the vector field generated by a poisson fill on the offsets of those pixels to warp the meshes of the original images. Finally, the two warped images were blended together using simple crossblending.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of ghosting on these images. Ideas for fixing it: have the user select a mask post-processing to determine what parts should be kept, or more points. However, I already used 39 (which may have been too many! That could've caused some problems), so more seems excessive.

Some fun results with incorrect point-picks

Results Images