Announcements will be posted here.

  • 03/12: Midterm tomorrow is closed book, just to make sure you know.

  • 03/12: TCP Assignment posted!
    You should start tomorrow after the midterm :)
  • 03/12: Solutions to homework 2 posted. No more handins allowed.

  • 03/06: Homework 1 solutions posted.
    Let me know if you didn't grab your HW1, they are all graded.
  • 03/06: Homework 2 posted.

  • 03/06: Rodrigo's office hours posted, 1-3pm on Monday or by appointment

  • 02/11: There will be class on Tuesday!
    Stephen will lead. Networking debugging tools, plus wrap-up on LANs (very helpful for the homework!)
  • 02/11: Homework 1 is out

  • 02/10: Fixed CRC-16 polynomial on slides for lecture 4

  • 01/31: Sockets Helpsession Uploaded
    The slides from the sockets helpsession are now up under "Programming Help" on the syllabus page.
  • 01/31: Snowcast Milestone Signup
    Please sign up to meet with a TA for your Snowcast milestone at Signups will close Friday at 3:00 pm.
  • 01/28: TA Hours Change
    Stephen will be changing his office hours from Mon. 7-9 to Thurs. 7-9.
  • 01/26: Welcome!
    Watch this space for important announcements!