Announcements will be posted here.

  • 10/11: Fixed a little but in homework 2
    Question 1.d, replaced node F with node D
  • 10/09: Homework 2 is out!

  • 10/08: There will be class tomorrow!

  • 09/21: Homework 1 out!

  • 09/21: Pow-wow for finding group partners.
    There will be a raffle for some cool gift from Dropbox!
  • 09/06: Helpsession
    Very important helpsession this Saturday!
  • 09/06: Piazza
    If you are not already set up with Piazza, please sign up, as it is where you will get timely announcements and questions answered.
  • 09/06: Welcome!
    Watch this space for important announcements!