Note: Lecture slides are added automatically as lectures are completed.

W, 9/6 Introduction to Course [PPTX] [PDF]
F, 9/8 Embedded and Real Time Systems [PPTX] [PDF] LS 1
M, 9/11 Project Idea Presentations [PPTX] [PDF] Idea presentations
W, 9/13 Introduction to Arduino [PPTX] [PDF] Arduino, LS 8.1
F, 9/15 Basic Arduino Programming [PPTX] [PDF] Arduino Tutorial
M, 9/18 Arduino Lab [PPTX] [PDF] Initial Project Proposal and Budget
W, 9/20 Basic Input / Output [PPTX] [PDF]
F, 9/22 Modeling Continuous Systems [PPTX] [PDF] LS 2.1-2.2
M, 9/25 Modeling Discrete Systems [PPTX] [PDF] LS 3.1-3.5
W, 9/27 Modeling Hybrid Systems [PPTX] [PDF] LS 4
F, 9/29 Modeling Composite Systems [PPTX] [PDF] LS 5
M, 10/2 I/O Lab Project Proposal with Budget
W, 10/4 Modeling Concurrency [PPTX] [PDF] LS 2.1-4
F, 10/06 Modeling Feedback Control [PPTX] [PDF] LS 2.4
M, 10/09 HOLIDAY
W, 10/11 Modeling Lab [PPTX] [PDF]
F, 10/13 Advanced Input / Output [PPTX] [PDF] LS 7
M, 10/16 Advanced Programming [PPTX] [PDF] LS 8.2, 9
W, 10/18 Input / Output Programming [PPTX] [PDF] LS 10 Embedded due
F, 10/20 Concurrent Programming [PPTX] [PDF] LS 11
M, 10/23 Real-Time Programming [PPTX] [PDF] TBD Project status report
W, 10/25 Project Presentations [PPTX] [PDF]
F, 10/27 Project Presentations [PPTX] [PDF]
M, 10/30 Networking [PPTX] [PDF] IwIP
W, 11/01 Sound Lab [PPTX] [PDF]
F, 11/03 TBD
M, 11/06 Real-Time Scheduling I [PPTX] [PDF] LS 12.1-2
W, 11/08 Real-Time Scheduling II [PPTX] [PDF] LS 12.3-4
F, 11/10 Real-Time Scheduling III [PPTX] [PDF] LS 12.5
M, 11/13 Real-Time Operating Systems [PPTX] [PDF]
W, 11/15 Verifivation I [PPTX] [PDF] LS 13
F, 11/17 Verification II [PPTX] [PDF] LS 14 Real time due
M, 11/20 Project Status Updates [PPTX] [PDF] Project status report
W, 11/22 SLACK
F, 11/24 HOLIDAY
M, 11/27 Verification III [PPTX] [PDF] LS 15
W, 11/29 WCET [PPTX] [PDF] LS 16
F, 12/01 Security [PPTX] [PDF] LS 17
M, 12/04 Course Review [PPTX] [PDF]
W, 12/06 Project Demos
F, 12/08 Project Demos
M, 12/11 Project Demos (if needed) Final Project Deadline
W, 12/18 Take-home Exam Due Take-home Exam