Course Information

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Collaboration Policy pdf
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Contacting Us

  • Lecturer: spr via email. For class-related questions.
  • TAs: Email or ndemarin for private administrative and project-related questions.
  • Mailing list: course.csci.1600.2017-fall.s01. See below.

Mailing List

If you have signed a collaboration policy, you will be added automatically to the course mailing list. If you have not received any emails from the list by the end of the first week of classes, then there is a problem and you were not added automatically – please contact the TAs ASAP.

It is your responsibility to read the CSCI 1600 mailing list regularly. All important announcements are posted there. If you have questions or comments of interest to the students of CSCI 1600, post them to the list, not to the TAs.


We will use a Piazza site for course discussions. You can sign up for Piazza here:

Students are encouraged to post on Piazza for questions about assignments and course logistics. While you are welcome to ask questions about the assignments, please do not violate the course policy by posting to Piazza–for sensitive questions, please make your posts visible only to instructors.


Assignments will be submitted using Canvas. We will also use Canvas for posting grades. If you have any issues accessing or submitting an assignment on Canvas, please contact the course staff.