Lab 1: Arduino 9/18
Lab 2: I/O 10/2
Lab 3: Modeling Lab 10/11
Lab 4: Sound Lab (fastpwm.cpp) (fastpwm.h) 11/01


Date AssignedDescriptionDue Date
9/28 Embedded: Nim 10/18
11/01 Real-time: Cuckoo (cuckoo.wav) (cuckoo_u8.h) (ding-dong.wav) (ding_dong_u8.h) 11/17

Submission instructions: Assignments are due by 11:59pm on the date listed by submitting our source code and other materials on Canvas; see the assignment for further instructions. In addition, you must demonstrate your work to the course staff within a few days of the deadline in order to receive a grade. Information about scheduling demonstrations will be provided after the deadline.

Late policy: Late assignments are penalized 10% for each weekday it is late, up to 5 days. For example, an assignment due on a Friday is 1 day late if submitted on Monday, and can no longer be submitted for a grade after the following Friday. Other extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances, with the permission of the course staff.

Project Deadlines

Proposal: Draft 9/18
Proposal: Final (with budget) 10/02
Status Reports 10/23, 11/20
Progress Presentations 10/25, 10/27; 11/20
Final Presentations 12/06, 12/08, 12/11
Final project submission 12/12