Lab 0: Python Refresher & Introduction to NumPy

We will be using Jupyter notebooks (formerly known as iPython notebooks) for all labs in this course. See the two sections below for how to get setup on either a department machine or working on your own computer.

Working on a department machine

To get started, log into a department machine and create create a cs1470 directory for your labs. You can do this by running mkdir -p ~/course/cs1470/labs.

cd to the newly created directory and copy over this lab's notebook by running cp /course/cs1470/labs/CSCI1470PythonRefresher.ipynb .

Finally, you should run the notebook by running ipython notebook CSCI1470PythonRefresher.ipynb in your terminal. If this fails, you may need to run pip install jupyter and rerun the previous command.

Working Locally

If you would like to complete labs on your own computer, you will need to ensure that Python and Jupyter Notebooks are installed. We will be using Python 2.7 throughout the entire course so be sure to install the correct version.

You might already have python installed. You can check by running python --version in a terminal. If python is not installed, visit this link for instructions on how to get Python installed on your personal machine.

Visit this link for instructions on how to setup virtualenvs (virtual environments) for easy, isolated Python workspaces.

Finally, visit this link for instructions on how to install Jupyter.

Once you have Jupyter installed, you can copy over the notebook by running scp <login> . in a terminal on your own computer.