You can view lab assignments and slots here.

If you want to switch labs for the week, you MUST give 48 hours prior notice and email the TAs whose lab you would like to swap into and your assigned lab slot's TAs.

Labs are located throughout the Sunlab (CIT 143), MS Lab (CIT 167) and CIT 201.

Labs are provided as Google Colab Notebooks.

Before starting Lab 0, please read over how to get started with Google Colab here and how to open up labs here.

Week Topic

(Sep. 4th — Sep. 6th)
No Lab
Lab 0
(Sep. 9th — Sep. 13th)
(Optional) Intro to Python + Numpy
Lab 1
(Sep. 16th — Sep. 20nd)
Automatic differentiation
Lab 2
(Sep. 23th — Sep. 27th)
TensorFlow setup + Intro
Lab 3
(Sep. 30th — Oct. 4th)
Visualizing CNNs
Lab 4
(Oct. 7th — Oct. 11th)
Word2Vec + Language Modeling
Lab 5
(Oct. 14th — Oct. 18th)
De-biasing language models
Lab 6
(Oct. 21st — Oct. 25th)
Google Cloud Platform
Lab 7
(Oct. 28th — Nov. 1st)
Optimizers (AdaGrad, Adam)
No Lab
(Nov. 4th — Nov. 8th)
No Lab
No Lab
(Nov. 11th — Nov. 15th)
No Lab
Lab 8
(Nov. 18th — Nov. 22nd)
Convolutional Autoencoders
No Lab
(Nov. 25th — Nov. 29th)
No Lab
Lab 9
(Dec. 2nd — Dec 6th)
Generative Adversarial Nets