All labs are held in CIT 201.

Labs are provided as iPython notebooks. For more information on getting started with iPython Notebooks, see this page.

Week Topic
Sep. 6th — Sep 8th No Lab - Sign Up for Lab Sections!
Sep. 10th — Sep. 15th (Optional) Python Setup, Python Tutorial + Linear Algebra Refresher
Sep. 17th — Sep. 22nd [Code Tutorial] Tensorflow Setup, Hello World, Getting Comfortable with the TF API
Sep. 24th — Sep. 29th [Visualization] Visualizing Convolution in Neural Networks: What are our Filters actually doing?
Oct. 1st — Oct. 7th [Case Study] Training Very Deep Convolutional Networks
Oct. 10th — Oct. 16th Recurrent Neural Networks
Oct. 24th — Oct. 30th [Case-Study] Word2Vec
Oct. 31st — Nov. 6th Language Modeling with Convnets
Nov. 7th — Nov. 13th Automatic Differentiation
Nov. 26th — Dec. 2nd Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)