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For grade complaints, email, including a written explanation of the potential issue. Do NOT email the individual TA who graded your homework directly.

Erik Sudderth
Erik Sudderth (sudderth) - Instructor
Nicholas Catoni
Nicholas Catoni (ncatoni) - Head TA
Zhile Ren
Zhile Ren (ren) - Grad TA
John Joe Friedman
John Joe Friedmann (jjf4) - Undergrad TA
Justin Semonsen
Justin Semonsen (jsemonse) - Undergrad TA
Keshav Vemuri
Keshav Vemuri (kvemuri) - Undergrad TA
Quynh Tran
Quynh Tran (qttran) - Undergrad TA
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace (sg43) - Undergrad TA
Uthsav Chitra
Uthsav Chitra (uchitra) - Undergrad TA