Please direct any questions about assignments to
Please carefully read the collaboration policy and late submission policy in the course syllabus.

Questions Materials Out Due
Homework 1 1/29/15 2/5/15
Homework 2 data, code 2/5/15 2/12/15
Homework 3 2/12/15 2/19/15
Homework 4 data, code 2/19/15 2/26/15
Homework 5 data, code 2/26/15 3/5/15
Homework 6 3/12/15 3/19/15
Homework 7 data, code 3/19/15 4/2/15
Homework 8 4/2/15 4/9/15
Homework 9 code 4/9/15 4/16/15
Homework 10 data, code 4/16/15 4/23/15
Homework 11 4/23/15 NOT GRADED


Homework Preparation

Your answers to all questions, with the exception of Matlab source code, must be included in a single pdf document. The results of your code must be summarized in the solution pdf; the TAs should not have to run your code to get your answers. Number your answers by question and part as in the handout, and include your full name and CS account username at the top of the first page. Also list the names of any collaborators.

Result plots must be included as figures in the same pdf as your other answers, not as separate files. We strongly recommend, but do not require, that you use LaTeX to typeset your solutions. You may also scan and submit handwritten solutions to mathematical derivations, as long as the scan is very neat and legible. Please be clear, and make it easy for the graders to check your work!

Homework Submission

On a CS department machine, change to the directory (cd) your work is in. When you list files (ls), the only files should be hw.pdf, and any Matlab source code you have written. The Matlab code does not need to be extensively documented, but it should be readably commented, and we may run it. You should not turn in any folders, and please do not turn in copies of data distributed with the homework.

Execute cs145_handin hw#, replacing # by the appropriate homework number (ex: cs145_handin hw2 to hand in hw2). Your CS account ( will receive an email confirming the submission time of a successful handin. If you have trouble with the handin script, attach your solutions to an e-mail to, along with a detailed description of the errors you encountered.

Homework Grading and Solutions

Homework solutions will be posted after the Monday evening late-submission deadline. You can find solutions by logging into your CS account and going to the directory '/course/cs145/soln/hw#', replacing # with the appropriate homework number.

If you think one of your homework answers was graded incorrectly, email a clear description of your complaint to Resolving complaints requires discussion among the course staff, which may take several days. Certainly do tell us about cases where a correct answer was missed or given only partial credit. If your answer is partly correct and you received partial credit, we are unlikely to change the amount of partial credit.