Final Project
CS 143: Introduction to Computer Vision

Proposal Due Date: 11:59pm on Friday, November 18th, 2011
Final Project Due Date: 11:59pm on Monday, December 12th, 2011


You may optionally propose and complete a final project of your own choice instead of doing project 5.

Final Project Topics

We will try and be accomodating if to your choice of final project topic. Good sources for project ideas are:

Specific suggestions for projects are:

We are not likely to accept proposals to extend previous class projects -- you already had opportunities to expand on those projects.

A good project topic is one which is concrete enough and narrowly-scoped enough to be finished with a few weeks of hard work, but could potentially lead to deeper research investigations and publications.

If you would like your final project to relate to an ongoing research project that may be OK if you can dilineate which part of the ongoing project is being investigated for this course

Proposal Requirements

This is not intended to be a particularly lengthy or formal proposal. One or two paragraphs will be sufficient. All you need to provide is a description of what you intend to do and a list of resources you have to help you create your project. For instance, if you are implementing part of a CVPR paper, reference the paper and sections you intend to implement. The professor and TAs will review your project and may offer recommendations for other resources to help you. If your project seems to easy, we'll ask you to implement more; if it's too hard, we'll suggest that you implement less. If we can't quickly agree on a reasonable proposal, we may suggest that you simply do project 5 instead. If we accept your proposal, you are not committed to doing the project in place of project 5. An accepted proposal gives you permission to pursue your specific project, but you can turn in project 5 instead if you hit a roadblock.

email your proposal to

Final Project Presentation

You are required to make a web page for your project, as you have for the previous projects, but your write-up needs to be more extensive.

You will be required to present your final project during the final examination period on December 13th. Your presentation will need to be brief and to the point. All presentations will be from the same computer to save time, so you will need to submit slides before hand.

Extra Credit

There's no real "extra" credit since you are defining the specifications of your project. So basically, do more work and you'll definitely get an A.

Graduate Credit

Just like extra credit, except you are expected to do more work than other students. We realize this is very open-ended, so if you're not sure if you're doing enough work for graduate credit, ask us.

Handing in

This is very important as you will lose points if you do not follow instructions. Every time after the first that you do not follow instructions, you will lose 5 points. The folder you hand in must contain the following:

Then run: cs143_handin final


Good Luck!