Due Dates and Turning in Homework

All assignments are due at 12:00 pm noon. Written homeworks are to be submitted to Gradescope. Programming homeworks are to be submitted via department machine handin scripts. Passwords to solution pdfs can be found on Piazza.

Late Policy

The late-day policy described here applies to all late days other than those due to illness and religious holidays. Thus days missed because of job interviews are included in the late-day policy. Everyone is allowed a total of four late days on homework free of charge, but no more than three late days may be applied to any one homework assignment. Beyond that, you will be penalized 25 percentage points for each day it is late. We will apply late days to assignments in an optimal fashion. If you are ill, you may get an extension without using late days provided you get a note from either health services or the office of student life and contact the instructor. If you must miss an assignment deadline because of a religious holiday, you may also get an extension without using late days; please contact one of the instructors.


# Out Due Description Handout Solutions
0 January 24 January 31 Review, Python PDF, Code PDF
1 January 31 February 7 Linear Predictors (Written) PDF PDF
2 February 7 February 14 Linear Predictors (Code) PDF See Piazza
3 February 14 February 24 PAC Learning and Uniform Convergence (Written) PDF PDF
4 February 21 February 28 Uncertainty and Naive Bayes (Code) PDF
5 March 3 March 10 Model Selection, Validation, and Regularization (Code) PDF
6 March 7 March 17 VC Dimension and Boosting (Written) PDF PDF
March 21 MIDTERM Sample Sample Solutions
7 March 21 April 4 SVM, Kernel Methods, and Decision Trees (Code) PDF
8 April 4 April 11 K-Nearest Neighbors and Neural Networks (Written)
9 April 11 April 18 Neural Networks (Code)
10 April 18 April 25 Clustering (Written)
11 April 25 May 2 Clustering (Code)
May 14 FINAL