There will be 7 homeworks total. Each homework will contain both a written and programming component. Both the dates and topics of future assignments are tentative.

For questions, come to our office hours or use the Piazza discussion site.

# Out Due Description Handout Solutions
0 January 25 February 2 Review, Python Setup & iPython Notebooks PDF, Code PDF
1 February 3 February 16 Decision Trees PDF, Code PDF
2 February 17 March 3 Naive Bayes and Logistic Regression PDF, Code PDF
3 March 3 March 14 Continuous Inputs PDF, Code PDF
4 April 3 April 13 Linear Separators PDF, Code PDF
5 April 14 April 20 Linear Regression and Neural Networks PDF, Code PDF
6 April 21 May 1 (Written)
May 4 (Programming)
The EM Algorithm PDF, Code