Fun Links- 4/29/13

Here are some more links from class:

Heuristics Song

Super Mario AI

Final Exam Location- 3/26/13

The final exam will be held on May 13th at 2:00PM. Location: Salomon 001.

Useful Links - 3/21/13

Here are some useful links related to probability:

Tuesday Birthday Problem

Boy or Girl Paradox

Probability Cheat Sheet - 3/15/13

The documents section of the website now contains a probability cheat sheet with some useful formulas relating to the probability material that we have covered.

Final Exam - 3/10/13

The final exam will be held on May 13th at 2:00PM. Location TBD.

Links - 2/27/13

Here are some links for tomorrow's class



Forklift (Long)

Forklift (Short)

Homework 3 - 2/21/13

Homework 3 has just been posted on the assignments page. The answer stencil will be available shortly.

Homework Solutions - 2/15/13

The solutions to the first homework are now posted on the assignments page.

Snow Update - 2/11/13

Due to the snow storm, the deadline for the first project has been pushed back till Wednesday night at 11:59PM.

Project 1 - 2/7/13

Don't forget that the first project, Pacman, is due Monday night at 11:59PM.

Room Change - 2/4/13

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 5) class will be held in MacMillan 115.

First Assignments - 1/31/13

The first homework assignment and project have been posted on the assignments page of this website. TA hours are also going to begin on Sunday.

Syllabus - 1/23/13

The syllabus has been added to the Docs section of the site. It can also be found here.

Welcome - 1/21/13

Welcome to CS141! Class will be held in CIT room 165 from 9:00-10:20 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.