Final Projects

The material covered in CS132 culminates in a final project, where students work in groups to implement a web application for a client over the course of the semester. Groups typically include four persons with a mixture of designers and programmers appropriate to the project. Projects start a week or two into the semester and continue throughout, with various milestones and reports. The bulk of the design of the project will be done by the end of March, with mostof the project coding being done in April. Projects are due in early May.

We are currently looking for suitable projects for this course!

Please note: A website with static content is not a suitable project. Proposals must have a 'backend' component as well (please refer to the first link for examples of past proposals).

Project sponsors should know what they want done. They should be able to provide their group with appropriate requirements and specifications and any documentation needed to integrate with existing systems. They should be willing to meet with the team or a team representative (in person or by skype, etc.) at least biweekly to ensure the team is on track and to provide the necessary guidance and feedback.

A good project proposal will:

As examples, previous projects included:

More detailed examples can be found here and here. Well-done examples include proposals #14 and #18 from the first link and proposals #4, #17,#28, and #32 from the second link. Check them out!

If you would like to submit an application proposal, please fill out this form.

Project submissions should be received before January 25, 2019 to allow us time to review them and get back to you before they are distributed to the students.


Project sponsor should note several things: