4/4 Lab 6

Can be found here.

3/7 Lab 5

Can be found here.

2/26 Lab 4

Can be found here.

2/21 Lab 3

Can be found here.

2/5 Lab 2

Can be found here.

2/3 Pre-lab 2

Can be found here. Please complete it before Wednesday's lab section, and bring your work to your assigned section.

1/29 Lab 1

Can be found here.

1/27 Pre-lab 1

Can be found here. Please complete it before Lab 1 on Wednesday 1/29. For Wednesday's lab, if you have not received an email regarding your lab assignment, you may assume that you have been assigned to the lecture hall. Unless you have been assigned to the Sunlab, please bring a laptop to class.

1/24 Lab Assignments

Lab will be held in two different locations during class time. Please fill out this form indicating your preference. You should have already receieved an e-mail about this, so if you have not, you are not on the listserv. Please email cs132headtas@cs.brown.edu with your CS e-mail (or Brown e-mail if you don't have mail forwarding set up yet) so you can be added to the listserv.

Welcome to cs132

CS132, 'Creating Modern Web Applications', is a spring semester course within the Brown CS department. The course has two tracks, one intended for CS concentrators, and one intended for non-Concentrators with previous design experience. It takes a holistic look at the process of developing Web Applications and aims to bring the students to a point of mastery of many of the most used web technologies, and development practices. The course includes a semester long group final project in which the students will be working with external companies, non-profits, and other organizations.

The class will be held in Building for Environmental Research & Teaching 130 at 11am to 11:50am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Different Tracks

Student Final Projects

New this year, CS132 will allow a limited number of student projects. Student project proposals must be sent to cs132headtas@cs.brown.edu by Friday January 24th.

A successful proposal is:

If your proposal is accepted you will serve as a mentor for your project. This means you'll be responsbile for your project and the rest of your team. Other students will be able to join your project like any other (although if you have a group already we can take that into account).

In addition to your proposal for the TAs you should include a paragraph pitching your project to students.

2014-01-22: First Class!

The first class will be held in the Building for Environmental Research & Teaching 130 at 11am to 11:50am on Wednesday the 22nd.