Fundamentals of Computer Systems



Readings should be done before the lecture they are associated with. The second half of the book can be found in PDF version online at this link.


All deadlines are on Thursday at midnight.


Labs sessions are Sunday 7-9pm and Monday 9-11pm in the Sunlab, but the deadline to have a lab checked off is the following Thursday at midnight. Labs can be checked off during the lab sessions, or at TA hours.


Note that future portions of the schedule may be subject to change.

Lecture TopicReadingDateDue
Intro to Systems1.1 - 1.5Thu, Jan 24
Naming (TA lecture)3.1, Unix PaperTue, Jan 29
Computer Systems Organization2.1 - 2.2Thu, Jan 31
Client/Server4.1 - 4.3Tue, Feb 5
Virtualization5.1 - 5.6, 5.8 (skip 5.2.8, 5.4.5 ,5.6.3)Thu, Feb 7HW1, Lab 1 - Unix Shell
VirtualizationTue, Feb 12
VirtualizationThu, Feb 14HW2, Lab 2 - Unix FS
No Class (Long Weekend)Tue, Feb 19
Performance IThu, Feb 21Dropbox - Part 1
Performance II6.1, 6.2, 6.3 (skip 6.2.3, 6.2.9)Tue, Feb 26
High Performance Threads (Guest Lecture by Tom Doeppner) lecture material srcThu, Feb 28HW3
Networks7.1 - 7.6Tue, Mar 5
Routing (Guest Lecture by John Jannotti)Thu, Mar 7HW4, Lab 3 - Profiling
Transport (Guest Lecture by Rodrigo Fonseca)Tue, Mar 12
NetworksThu, Mar 14Dropbox - Part 2
Midterm (in-class)Tue, Mar 19
DNS8.1 - 8.4Thu, Mar 21HW5, Lab 4 - Networking
No Class (Spring Recess)Tue, Mar 26
No Class (Spring Recess)Thu, Mar 28
Fault Tolerance9.1 - 9.4, 9.6Tue, Apr 2
AtomicityThu, Apr 4HW6
AtomicityTue, Apr 9
AtomicityThu, Apr 11HW7
Atomicity10.1 - 10.4Tue, Apr 16
Multi-site Atomicity and Durability11.1 - 11.5Thu, Apr 18Dropbox - Part 3, Lab 5 - Wal-sys
Multi-site Atomicity and Durability, SecurityTue, Apr 23
No ClassThu, Apr 25HW8
SecurityTue, Apr 30
Reading PeriodThu, May 2HW9, Lab 6 - Web Security
Reading PeriodTue, May 7Dropbox - Part 4
Final Exam, 9 AM, CIT 219Fri, May 10