Do you want to understand the magic that makes our computers work? This is your chance to master that magic.

Lectures: Tuesday/Thurday, 1:00-2:20pm. – Location: BARHOL 168.
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Course Summary. The goal of CS 131/CSCI 1310 is to teach the fundamentals behind the "magic" of computer systems from the hardware level to the global internet. We'll cover the ideas, principles and abstractions that unify computer systems design – from how your laptop runs multiple programs at the same time, to how companies like Instagram, AirBnB, and Google operate large websites, to how easy it is to exploit security vulnerabilities on badly designed systems. This is a great class for students who are interested in learning what systems programming is, how systems work, and why these systems are so critical to modern technology.

Enrollment. CS 131/CSCI 1310 is open to anyone who has completed the introductory sequence (i.e., CS 16, 18, or 19). For students who don't satisfy the registration restrictions on CAB, please request an override code on CAB and include an explanation of your course experience, and we'll review your request.

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