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CSCI 1301

Livestreaming Reinvented

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Fri 3:00-5:30pm

Livestreaming today is comprised of video game streams and Zoom classes. But as video production becomes more accessible, and devices become more mobile, the blending of the Instagram photo feed and TV reality show could produce a new generation of streaming personalities. In this project-based course, we’ll investigate together the space of livestreaming technology beyond desktop gaming, exploring new configurations, interfaces, and improvements to current livestreaming systems. We’ll focus on creative (music, art, food, travel) or educational streaming, exploring how to support new forms of streamer-audience interaction and presence.



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Hello, I'm an Associate Professor in Computer Science. My research is in Human-Computer Interaction, where I am interested in building personalized systems based on user behavior data!

[HTA] Griffin

Hi! I'm a current Senior studying Computer Science. I'm Co-President of Brown Esports, so you'll usually find me gaming. I streamed a lot under g0mega, especially Toontown.