CS 1300: User Interfaces and User Experience

Fall 2018

This course will cover concepts in human-computer interaction that focus on designing user interfaces. Topics include understanding when to use different interfaces, modeling and representing user interaction, principles of user experience design, eliciting requirements and feedback from users, methods for designing and prototyping interfaces, and user interface evaluation. Students interested in learning the process behind building a user interface and gaining hands-on experience designing a user interface should take this course.

Nearly all course information will be available on the course website. The course is expected to require 10 hours / week of work outside class for assignments, readings, labs, and other activities.

Both CSCI 1300 and CSCI 0130 will have the same lecture, labs, and readings, but some assignments will differ. CSCI 1300 will have assignments with computer science prerequisites (involving more statistics, logic, programming). You may choose which one you want to take, but you won't be able to take the other one for credit in the future. CSCI 1300 provides 1000-level CS credit, but CSCI 0130 does not, so CS concentrators may prefer CSCI 1300. Typically, some RISD students also take the course; RISD students should come to the first day of class to get information about enrolling. Any student in CSCI 0130 may substitute their assignment with the corresponding CSCI 1300 assignment for credit, but not vice versa. Note that due to both courses having the same lecture, all students will see everyone in both courses, and sometimes work with students in the other course number.

Course Time and Location

Location: TBD
Time: 1pm-2:20pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Pre-registration and Prerequisites

All students must apply here to enroll in CSCI 1300 or CSCI 0130. This year the course will be intentionally capped to a smaller size in order to experiment with a different format (involving more TA interaction in assignments). About 50 override codes will be distributed by the end of pre-registration, and about 50 will be distributed after the first day of class (September 6, 2018). Applications will be ordered based on year, preparation, and future plans.

CSCI 0130 has no prerequistes and is open to anyone. However, CSCI 1300 which is intended more for Computer Science concentrators, expects you to have completed one of the intro CS sequences (CS15/16, CS17/18, or CS19), but you can still enroll in CSCI 1300 if you satisfy those even as a non-CS concentrator. Students who do not yet have experience with JavaScript should expect to spend some time at the beginning of the semester with a JavaScript lab and tutorial.