Status and Timeline


The project is completed.


When What
Sunday, February 13 initial group meeting
Tuesday, February 22 first meeting with Jeff Peipert, the Director of the Division of Research at Women's and Infant's Hospital in RI; Faye Lozowski, The WIHRI Database Administrator; and Kristen Matteson, an OB/GYN at WIHRI
Friday, February 25 project page up
Monday, February 28 view Project Protect, a predecessor to the current study
week of February 28 Read & discuss articles from Dr. Peipert. Taby & Lida meet with Prof. Blumberg to discuss computer programming.
Monday, March 7 Meet with Jeff, Kristen, and Faye at WIHRI. Kristen presents information about the intervention, the STD outcomes we are measuring, and other background language/information. Kristen's outline of program [doc][pdf]. Our notes from the meeting [doc][pdf].
Friday, March 18 Meet with Jeff, Kristen, and Faye at WIHRI. Discussed storyboard. Our notes from the meeting [doc][pdf].
Wednesday, April 13 Meeting with Jeff, Kristi, Taby, and Lida.
Friday, April 29 Meeting with Jeff, Faye, Kristin, Lida, Taby, and Sarah. Notes: [pdf][doc].
Tuesday, May 10 Final class demo
Thursday, May 19 Class party and teacher demonstrations