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Here are some consistencies we are planning on having:

- We should all have the same buttons.Anuj will attempt to implement the equals button in his module, if possible, as he does not have one now. June, will make his equals sign an equals button (to make it less confusing for the students).

- We are all now incorporating clicking and dragging.The kids seemed to really have that computer skill under their belts.I think this consistency may decrease confusion.

- We all need to make sure that we have something to come up if the kids go idle for too long.

Some thoughts on June's module:

- He plans on changing the numbers to clicking and dragging.

- He will make sure that the roll over sound doesn't interrupt the opening frac monologue and that they donít interrupt each other either.††

- If they get in the habit of coloring all the pieces, he will have the frac suggest to "leave some of the pieces un-colored"

Tedís module:

- He will space the buttons out a little bit so they don't accidentally click on the wrong button.

- If they get the answer wrong, heíll let them try that same question again (and not automatically go to a random new question)

- When he starts making sound files for the help screen, he will keep them short.Itís hard not to lose the kidís attention.

- Instead of saying "great job," his module will say "super," they prefer it.Heíll also use a thumbs up sign for a sign of approval.When they get something wrong, heíll say, "sorry, try again."Everyone will try to stick to similar expressions.

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