Storyboard Outline

  • Who we are: Trish Donnell, Lindsey Shinn, David Snyder, and Ignacy Zulawski
  • Audience: 9th grade health class at the Met School
  • Goal: Prepare students for state-mandated health exam with fun, interactive software

    Programming Tool

  • Director - allows us to incorporate sounds, animation, graphics

    Flow of the Program

  • "Choose Your Own Adventure" based on scenes around Providence (i.e. club, movie, Thayer St.)
  • Goal of user is to get home safely and sober by curfew and to learn along the way
  • Students should learn basic facts about drugs by using program, which will help them make better decisions in real life


  • Students would be frustrated and wouldn't learn anything if we "preached" to them about drugs, as many adults do
  • Students will use program if it's interactive, fun, and realistic
  • The student will make his/her own decisions by choosing which paths to take during the course of the program

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