Philosophy Behind the Project

The goal of this program is primarily to inform students of the risks involved with drug use, and secondarily to give them some preparation for the state-mandated health exam.

Based on an experiential learning model, this program aims to offer simulations of actual drug experiences. Whenever possible, the scenarios presented in the program are based on actual drug user experiences ( was our primary source, with its extensive archive of drug user experience reports). Our goal is that the student will learn what effects various drugs have on their bodies, without the necessity for them to ever actually consume drugs. Additionally, since new illicit drugs are constantly emerging, it was our goal for the program to be extensible, such that it would be relatively easy for an educator to add up-to-date information.

The state health exam focuses mainly on decision-making skills. Hence, in the scenarios presented in the program, the user must make decisions which affect the flow of the narrative. Some decisions will result in positive outcomes, while others result in negative outcomes. Additionally, the program has the ability to choose random consequences for each decision. In this manner, we hope to illustrate the unpredictability inherent in drug use.